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    Human Centipede 3 May 29 & 30

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Clouds of Sils Maria124min Fri, May 297:00PM
Rebels of the Neon God106min Fri, May 299:30PM
Human Centipede 3106min Fri, May 2912:15a
Three Hearts106min Sat, May 30Noon
Grey Gardens94min Sat, May 302:00PM
Do I Sound Gay?77min Sat, May 304:15PM
Iris83min Sat, May 306:00PM
The Wolf Pack80min Sat, May 308:00PM
Reality95min Sat, May 309:30PM
Human Centipede 3106min Sat, May 3012:15a
Touch of Evil95min Sun, May 3110:00AM
The Winding Stream87min Sun, May 3112:30PM
La Sapienza101min Sun, May 312:45PM
The Salt of the Earth110min Sun, May 315:00PM
Manglehorn97min Sun, May 317:30PM
A Pigeon Sat on a Bench Reflecting on Existence101min Sun, May 319:15PM
Iris83min Mon, June 1Noon
Grey Gardens94min Mon, June 11:45PM
A Pigeon Sat on a Bench Reflecting on Existence101min Mon, June 13:30PM
White Shadow117min Mon, June 15:45PM
The Tribe132min Mon, June 18:15PM
Three Hearts106min Tue, June 2Noon
The Winding Stream87min Tue, June 22:00PM
Iris83min Tue, June 24:00PM
The Wolf Pack80min Tue, June 25:45PM
Kumiko The Treasure Hunter105min Tue, June 27:30PM
Rebels of the Neon God106min Tue, June 29:00PM
Touch of Evil95min Wed, June 310:00AM
La Sapienza101min Wed, June 3Noon
Kumiko The Treasure Hunter105min Wed, June 32:15PM
Clouds of Sils Maria124min Wed, June 34:30PM
White God121min Wed, June 37:00PM
The Tribe132min Wed, June 39:30PM
Clouds of Sils Maria124min Thur, June 4Noon
Manglehorn97min Thur, June 42:30PM
The Wolf Pack80min Thur, June 45:00PM
In the Name of My Daughter116min Thur, June 47:00PM
White God121min Thur, June 419:30PM



Welcome to the Prytania

Prytania TheatreThe Prytania Theatre is the oldest Single Screen- Movie House still operating in Louisiana. The Prytania is the first theatre in New Orleans to convert to Digital Cinema and have Digital 3D. All features are presented in 100% digital with sony 4K digital projection and 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound. All 3D features presented with REAL D (additional 3D Experience charges apply).

Read More About The Prytania